Tech Literacy

Fabio Salerni, Rome based Tech House DJ and Producer, has been attracted since his early age by electronic music and clubbing, learning the rudiments of the art of djing from his brother, a DJ too. Gifted of great technique, never ordinary, Fabio makes of music selection and research his secret weapon, always offering an innovative and modern sound that distinguishes Fabio from today music illiteracy and "rudeness". Fabio prefers underground sounds, suitable for a demanding and quality oriented dancefloor. He’s currently one of the Resident DJs of “Civico Cinque” Party at Fidelio Club, one of the best underground party of the Roman nightlife. He has been Resident DJ alongside with Angelo Positò and Federico Guglielmi at Priscilla Club House, first and till now unique example of 100% pure House music club in Calabria. His release “If I Could Live Again” has been played by Umek on his “Behind The Iron Curtain” Radio Show and is supported by many DJs all around the world.

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