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Written by on January 16, 2016

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Seance returns to follow up on the labels first release featuring Kryss Hypnowave, DJ Datch and Edit Select with another EP of quality underground Techno this time with original material from the talented Alfred Kopke aka Ivo Polónia.

Based in Portugal, he also makes up one half of Quantic Spectroscopy and has had releases on his own Reaktivate label and Relapso.

Not only this, his latest project also underway is called AKR which stands for “Alfred Kopke Records.”


The EP’s title track “Jack Have A Art” is first on the release and sets a tone for things to come. Stabbing synths provide the drama, whilst a shuddering bass intermingles with the mechanical funk of the lead sound. Pushed forward by the boom of a powerful kick drum, the track is deep, dark and relentless.

Track two is “Cindy Is A Cat” which despite its name is far from being soft or fluffy, but like a cat it has sharp teeth and claws ready to pounce. The rolling groove is filled with fast flowing hi hats that sit above an unnerving pad sound which washes like waves on a turbulent sea. Dancefloor focused and eerie this track takes no prisoners and hunts to kill.

The third track is the Subjected remix of “Jack Have A Art” and losing none of the originals dark energy, it’s more sinister with an added industrial edge. With a tortured lead sound reminiscent of a large creature in pain, it has a Sci-Fi influence that many will find appealing. Intense from start to finish this track is nothing less than peak time perfection.

Fourth on the release is “Homemade Doubt” and unlike the three tracks before it, its digital only and does not feature on the vinyl version of the release. With crunching percussion and a straight forward groove and lined with ride cymbals, it’s a fine example of less being more. Centred round a looped groove it twists and morphs with intricacy and precision developing into something of a Techno monster.

Finishing the release is the Spectralband Remix of Homemade Doubt, which like the original version of this track only features on the digital version of the release and not the vinyl. Changing the groove with the use of unusual drum rhythms and looped pads, the track’s top end feels delicate whilst the bottom end remains pounding and solid. Keeping the mix spacious, the contrasting textures are allowed room to breathe and this distinctively individual slice of Techno is brought to life.


We caught up with the man himself for a few words: 


Can you tell us a bit about how the relationship with Seance developed?

Our relationship started when Warren invited us (Reaktivate) for a radio show to promote our record label and give us a chance to show what we can do with our music via his new online radio station of the same name (Seance) in the UK. Over time we have created a great friendship and partnership, working on some projects together and growing together too. Last year we were talking about tracks and producing, and I sent him some of my latest works as Alfred Kopke, he listened carefully and was very quick to secure a deal to do a vinyl release. It’s been a great honour for me to work with Seance and Warren during this time.

What first brought you to music?

What brought me to music was love I think? I can’t live without it, since a kid I was always digging and searching for new music and new artists and they were my first steps into the music scene. From then I started to experiment and produce some tracks with some of my mates Gustavo Lima and Tomas Gamboa as Dope Kids, after that I created a duo with Gustavo named Quantic Spectroscopy and we created our record label named Reaktivate with the subject of curating some tracks the way we like it.

For many years you worked with Gustavo Lima as Quantic Spectroscopy, how was it starting from scratch with the new Alfred Kopke alias?

Was cool. We decide both to create our solo projects because it were time to show that we can do something different. Firstly it was more reflection on what I can do differently and how to go about it,  it was a new process that involved a new method of creating music and trying to focus on what I love most, that is Techno music.

Tell us about life (and the techno scene) in Portugal!

Well I’m based in Porto, I have a daytime job and am like someone else. I live with my girlfriend and my dog Dylan and my second passion is cooking. About the Techno scene in Portugal, it’s growing but I’m seeing that many talented people here are just being ignored by the promoters and clubs, I wont mention names because they already know who I’m talking about. But the scene IS growing, we already have some referenced labels, clubs and some festivals too.

Do you have any plans for what ’s next (that you can tell us about, anyway)?

Yes I have. For now what I can say in advance is that I’ve joined the Seance agency that will take care of all my bookings and that is the first news! Secondly, is that we will join forces with Resistance Is Futile and create a new concept of parties in collaboration with Seance agency here in Porto, details will come very soon…

To finish I want thank Seance one more time for the belief in my work and helping me how to grow as an artist and person.

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