#UR67 DEMON.I/O – Interview

Written by on September 11, 2015

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#UR67: DEMON.I/O (Subspecies / Dark Garden)
written by Razeed (Geométrika FM)

When you face something in life you have several options: destroy, observe or contribute. Today I interviewed one of those who chose the third option, Demon.I/0, clear example of person involved in the techno scene. Founder of Dark Garden and Subspecies, two sides of the same coin or perhaps two different stages of the same idea, two stages that could not exist as such without the other or at least without the dream of both. Subspecies probably never have happened without Dark Garden and is to start from scratch makes ideas are truly settled and you have enough credibility to take on greater challenges.

Razeed: When you began to hear electronic music? Which album was the one that made you say “Yeah! this is what I like!”

D: Actually I do not remember exactly the year. In the early 90s I got my hands on a cassette tape of Angel Martinez, a resident of Lope de Vega nightclub Calahorra (La Rioja), a city that had a good club scene at the time. My friends were all there on weekends.
After a few years of that I was fortunate to share the booth with him. That day was magical for me.
I hooked in to the sound from the beginning. I became interested seriously and seek very specific artists work … once inside that world, my set opened an incredible way to the various styles they had and above all, I hooked in to the Techno.

R: How to start your relationship with techno?

D: After a few years buying music in the same places, decided to go elsewhere to acquire it, see what sold and poked around, and that’s how I came across the “Balance” Surgeon. I can not explain how, but those sounds captured me forever.

R: Do you think that the place where you live has prevented you move faster in some sense?

D: I am a person who believes that things come when it have to come, but I’ve thought more than once. Not for lack of clubs, which we had and very good programming, +&+ It is a prime example, but because access to the booths was very difficult.You had to know someone’s friend or friend of a friend of someone … or have your own club.

R: In case anyone does not know you, who is demon.I/0?

D: It’s an artist from Navarra who has many years playing behind him, who once wanted to jump into production with great enthusiasm and desire to learn, and is now involved in two major projects like Dark Garden and Subspecies…

R: In your case, what attracts you to be a producer?

D: The truth is that I think it’s natural for anyone who has stepped on a booth. Want to make your own tracks. Do not limit yourself to put other issues. Want to contribute your grain of sand to a scene that you feel part.

R: What do you feel when you see your music starts to come out in different labels? How far do you think you can go?

D: I feel a mixture of joy and dizziness while. Much encouraged to continue working because you see that you are on the right track. Doppt Zykkler, Geométrika FM, Induxtriall, Audioexit, District Facility, Madame … are some who have chosen my work and I thank you very much.
But not only release on labels . Play your music on radio shows like Electromagnetica … find out which artists like Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Sims or Josh Wink mix your tracks … and find a video or session in which it is established … It’s very beautiful.
No I never thought to where I can get, but dreaming is free and many thoughts crossed my head.

R: Tell me a little about your sound. How did you start working at the time of producing? What method do you use? How do you focus production?

D: I could not describe my sound as has the day tend to go towards darker sounds or more trackers, but looking harsh sounds, enveloping atmospheres, very distinct percussion … I usually use a base of very basic rhythm and above that, beginning to create patterns that have been coming into my head during the day, going development and layering them. Once I have clear where I want to go I focus on finishing the subject, which is very important, and create the most consistent rhythm. Before leaving half-done tracks who had just condemned to oblivion in any folder on my hard disk and not moving. When I have spent a few days work in the mix until I was happy and I completed.

R: What do you use to produce?

D: Arturia The Laboratory, Roland MC-505 (I sold recently), Logic and multiple virtual synths that I love. I gained Doepfer modular system to enrich my productions and give them a more analog sound, but I have not used it …

R: I met you for the netlabel scene, how did you arrive at that world?

D: At one time I jumped into Traktor Scratch after many years playing with 100% vinyl. I started looking online music, other sounds, and that’s where I bumped into the netlabel movement. Labels as Inoquo, Bump Foot, the late Offaudio … Something began to grow in my head and, with help, at first, of Rey Front System, a Rioja artist who had gone through Sonar, Florida135 … I started a netlabel, Digital Garden, with a very open to any electronic sound approach we liked. We had many downloads and we published artists from Spain and different countries. even came in TVE (Spain main TV Channel).
After a long time without knowing each other, I returned to contact David Noir (Snap-9A) through facebook, (the truth is that we are not aware of how powerful the Internet and social networks can be if we give good use), congratulating me for the idea of Digital Garden. David and I met at a youth DJs meeting organized in Burgos bringing together many years ago very good artists from nearby provinces, they were not known but they had a great quality and we saw each others one or two times a year in Medina del Campo in the Zeus club, which brought very good and featured artists like Oscar Mulero, Jay Denham, Dylan Drazen, a young Reeko, Wünsch … and speaking days after we came and create Dark Garden, closer to our tastes … darker approach to sound and still here almost 4 years later. However Digital Garden is virtually abandoned for lack of artists who want to publish … Maybe someday we give a new push.

R: You run two labels now: Dark Garden and Subspecies. What brings everyone to the scene?

D: Dark Garden is the netlabel I manage with David Noir and is focused on Techno in his darker side and underground. We wanted and want to be a showcase for lesser known artists, that are what make this work, they may make known their jobs. We are very proud to say that David Meiser Kwartz or published with us, and look at them where they are now.
Subspecies is a totally personal project. For me it is a challenge as both a privilege to publish my songs surrounded by great artists in a format that I adore vinyl. Of course, it is also available in digital on Bandcamp, but vinyl is a priority. When you thought I was ready to take the plunge, I gave. Now I am preparing the third reference output to be a blockbuster.

R: From my position, it seems to act very little even for your area, What is that?

D: No offers from clubs and do not move to find bowling … It’s not a priority right now. I’m very focused on producing and evolve as an artist. If this brings me to play at a club … so be it.

R: What kind of artists recommend us to hear?

D: Some names that I can recommend without any doubt are: Tensal, Kwartz, Snap-9A, Sigma Ziggurat, RNTS, Joton, Error Etica, Bran Lanen, Kike Pravda, Sleeparchive, Miki Craven, Ancient Methods, PEARL, Hector Oaks, Balatro, Kalter Ende … but the list is endless.

R: Describe that moment over a booth in which you had to breathe deeply twice to keep from crying satisfaction.

D: I was lucky to live that moment in a festival that assemble to form part of the collective “desarrollocero” many years ago. I played in front of more than 1,500 people opening Eulogio, resident of The Real Oviedo, and chemistry with the audience was amazing. When finished the last of the artists and the sound down to end the night, people started singing and asking for more music, louder and louder. Nobody wanted to move there. Neither me what I thought. I climbed into the booth, I opened my suitcase and play a track…the crowd went crazy. Describing it is very difficult but it is a wonderful feeling. The track was “Hale Bopp” Der Dritte Raum, I will not ever forget.

R: Who are your musical influences?

D: As far as producers are concerned … Emmanuel Top, Olga + Jozef, Loktibrada, Oliver Ho, James Ruskin, Surgeon, Regis, Exium, Victor Martinez and Adam Kelly… rest in peace. he was very good.

R: What is your fetish song today?

D: Today and since I first heard “Crispy Bacon” of Laurent Garnier.

R: How long do you see yourself fighting for your way of understanding this world? The labels, the booths…

D: To lose illusion.

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