#UR66 R.N.T.S – Interview

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#UR66: R.N.T.S (COUM / MainConcept)
written by Razeed (Geométrika FM)
transtalion by David Juárez

“Collaborate”, “share” or “help” are words that we can use in different contexts, but which respond to the same reality: the need to approach others to learn, grow and, of course, improve.

An example would be collaboration between URBANNOISE and Geométrika FM, why I am writing this text. It has enriched both projects making them better and more complete than they were before.

Another example might be to R.N.T.S and Acid Hazel (designer). Together they create COUM, record label which clearly enjoys the whole design and production work with a firm concept and care.

Therefore I interview R.N.T.S for the last URBANNOISE until September, we close for holidays.
It has been a pleasure to get to close my work and to read the first part of the season. See you around …

Razeed: When you began to hear electronic music? Which album was the one that made you say “Yeah! this is what I like!”

R.N.T.S: Maybe it was not exactly an album in particular, really I discovered that this was my passion gradually. But if I have to say a particular disco that caught my attention would be the remix of Chris Liebing to ‘Fire’ Mental Alloy. I was 13 and I had never listening to techno. A friend play the song in his car on the way to the beach and I said “Yeah!, what the hell is this !? ” From there I began to investigate, because it caught my attention. I started going to a club in my city, once a month programmed techno events with Ben Sims, Marko Nastic, Valentino Kanzyani, etc … The following summer saw Oscar Mulero in a mini-festival and I went crazy.

R: You’re a young guy … What was your evolutionary process in the electronic music?

RNTS: When I started, the first thing I heard of course was much Hardgroove, idolized Ben Sims and all the east techno, Umek and company … Once I saw Oscar Mulero let’s say began to change my perception. I downloaded lots of sessions, sought tracklists and gradually went linking artists and labels, and got to know different sub-styles within the electronic music. from Detroit, EBM, electro, industrial, techno, IDM, etc. It really was when I started to feel a strong cultural interest in electronic music never stopped. With 16 years I was decided that this was my future and I wanted more knowledge and more experience that my village could not give me, I went to Madrid to study as a sound technician and formarme more culturally because what it offers you a large city it was impossible to achieve in my village, and in Madrid I met many people, I went to many events and I soaked everything I could and more, and ended up hooked fully electronic, which still knowing new things and learning every day.

R: Do you have a “dark” musical past to tell us?

RNTS: Mmmm… No, Actually, before I start with electronic, I was a fan of rock generally, addicted to Nirvana, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, etc ..

R: In your case, what attracts you to be a producer?

RNTS: I really do not call myself producer or anything, just do what I like and do it with the utmost dedication and enthusiasm. I think that playing with sounds and things come out gradually. For me “producer” etc. are big words.

R: Define your sound. How do you see yourself?

RNTS: I think, I have not yet a very defined sound, I still have a lot to learn and work to try to focus more on my music to consider that have a defined sound. I like almost all styles of electronic and I think that is quite noticeable in what I do, so many times in my music you can see many differences between tracks or between the sounds of the same track. Sometimes I’m not able to focus my music into something concrete, so it can be very different from each other, but I guess that also defines me because it is the personality that speaks in music, and I never close any doors when I work creatively.

R: How did you start working at the time of producing? What method do you use? How do you focus production?

RNTS: I do not follow a particular process. Simply open the Ableton Live, I turn on the machines and have fun with them “jam” mode. To me that is the main thing; enjoy and have fun when you make music. After depends on the day, of what comes listening at that time or even time doing what comes influence, and from these “jams”, comes the tracks, although obviously not all of those jams.
Some days I turn to the studio, I’m three hours experimenting, turn off and ran, but always take something positive or learn to do something in a way that did not know. Say focus my production to have fun and experiment in the study, all doors are open.

R: What process you follow when present yourself to record labels?

RNTS: I never introduced myself as such, I follow to record labels whose philosophy and way of understanding music I like and what I do sometimes a connection between label and artist is created, whether physical or virtual, but always start a personal relationship I need to know the person who will trust in my work, because for me it is essential that the aim of the music is the same between the two sides. Today the networks make the relationship work and finding much more accessible and easy.

R: You and I surely do know each other, have enough nearby projects, not only you but also your girl. I can not remember exactly how we met or why I asked you for music for GEOMETRIKA FM. I think at the time you said it was the first EP that you released the market… What happened in your world since then?

RNTS: Uuff!!!… many things … I ended up studying, I formed my little family of friends, personally I’ve grown a lot, basically I’ve matured in Madrid, and I came quite young, now I see things much clearer, and professional alike, think really if you do what you love. It is always linked progress in personal life with the “professional”. Speaking to “professional” level from the EP in GEOMETRIKA FM I have been fortunate to have worked with different labels in different formats and concepts, progress in my work and learning, but above all, created the most important and rewarding project of my life together with the most important person; Acid Hazel.

R: Let’s talk about the record label created by Acid Hazel and yourself, how was COUM born?

RNTS: COUM born by a huge interest and need. After years sharing millions of experiences, knowing and learning at the same time, growing as individuals and culturally speaking, we began to develop a very strong bond between the two, same affinities, same views, same interests and ideas, so we decided to move them forward and create what is now COUM

R: Perhaps because I know you a little more than I know many artists, I have the feeling that living with someone who is also dedicated to art, somehow enhances and / or strengthens your musical concept. How important is Acid Hazel in your music?

RNTS: A lot, as I said before. We have grown together culturally, so it has a very important influence role in everything I do. It is a kind of synergy, no track that does not have some of “Him” because my music is my personality, and Acid Hazel part of it.

R: How do you see the electronic scene from the point of view of the direction of a record company?

RNTS: As a huge splendor. I notice that there are lots of people who increasingly more interested in electronic music, and I do not just mean a way out dancing at a club night to find techno and no “salsa” that also; I mean to show real interest in music and the great culture that surrounds it, and that’s extremely rewarding, I do not get the fingers to count the artists, labels, music lovers and people who contribute greatly to the scene and I have known these past two years. Also, I think we are living a very creative moment, ever arise more record labels / artists releasing music with a concept, vision or different and personal perspective, working hard and looking much everything they want to show, in short, a very rich time culturally for me and in which there is competition, so that helps us cope with much happiness and passion the direction of a record label.

R: What do you want for your label in terms of artists and / or sound?

RNTS: We look for personality, we hear a concept and vision behind the music, and that obviously has a connection with our vision.
In terms of sound; Industrial, hard, dark … but as I say, above all seek something personal and “offender”, which goes beyond any established canon. No hits or intend to make tracks that are most chartered and mixed.

R: What kind of artists do you recommend us to hear?

RNTS: Now I’m stuck quite in the style “power electronics” noise management and so pretty “apocalyptic”. Brighter Death Now, Container, Haus Arafna, Lumisokea, Trepaneringsritualen, Post Scriptvm … As for record labels, Tapes Opal is the most surprising me lately.

R: What must have one song to another for you to mix?

RNTS: Note the personality in it and that a connection between what’s behind the loop and my mind is set.

R:What is offered to you by electronic music, not offered in other musical styles?

RNTS: Mental travel, meditate.

R: Who are your musical influences?

RNTS: It may be too early to tell, but fast; Nirvana, Bauhaus, Oscar Mulero and Esplendor Geométrico.

R: What is your fetish song today? and your favorite song of yours?

RNTS: Uuuff…!! ‘On’ by Aphex Twin. My favorite track of mine… ‘MB Connect’, which was released in Subsist Records.

R: How long do you see yourself fighting for your way of understanding this world?

RNTS: Forever!

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