Diffuse Reality Records: DREA001 [Reviewed]

Written by on May 28, 2015

Side A Label: Diffuse Reality
 Artist: Ben Gibson, Rodrigo Garcia
 Remixes: Sunil Sharpe, Myk Derill
 Title: Introduction_
 Format: Vinyl
 Cat.: DREA001
 Release date: 2015
 Contact: www.diffusereality.com

Side A_
 a1. Ben Gibson – Shirahata (Original)
 a2. Ben Gibson – Shirahata (Sunil Sharpe Remix)
 Side B_
 b1. Rodrigo Garcia – Muntatge (Original)
 b2. Rodrigo Garcia – Muntatge (Myk Derill Remix)

Diffuse Reality is an indie label based in Buenos Aries and Barcelona, and I was delighted to get the promo of the “Introduction_”  EP for review having seen the artists that are involved in the label. This is their first release and they have made a fantastic job of  it, pulling out a diverse and powerful selection of tracks each full of individual interest.

“Shirahata” (Ben Gibson) opens with solid kickdrums, an atmospheric high note and beautiful echoing chimes, which are the main feature of the track. The chimes roll along, now more defined, now more hazy, now with more bottom end, now reverbed, but always providing a smooth, rolling rhythm underpinned by the kicks. Variations in percussion and additional chiming notes mark the progression of the track, which is like a constant euphoric high, no breakdowns – a very nice opener.

Sunil Sharpe is on the remix duties for this track and adds plenty of bottom end power in the bassline and thumping kicks, and adds a nagging, worrying synth loop and a thin metallic chime measuring out the phrases. Melody is introduced with some computerised bleeps, and a very direct hihat cranks up the pressure nicely. A series of short breakdowns, some atmospheric wind noise, and energetic claps add to the complexity and rhythm – this is a great, stomping club track and nothing less than what you would expect from Sunil.

Side B

Rodrigo Garcias “Muntatge” (Is it a montage? Is he munted?) pulls absolutely no punches with its battering  kicks, skittering hats and insistent acid. Some wild drum fills and high pitched, constant static and half heard  chiming lead us into a massive overdriven breakdown and the track drops back down to its base parts, rattling  on at a frantic pace and winding up for another break. Hardcore stuff.

The Myk Derill remix of “Muntatge” gradually unfolds from some insidious gated static, muted sci-fi synth  notes and machinistic drumming. Burbling bass/sub-bass and sibilant hats are added before the whole lot  recoils into a series of short breakdowns announcing the meat of the track. The disquiet continues until sudden,  massive notes in a beatless section add an air of menace which is continued through the rest of this remix. A  powerful sonic sketch and a thoughtful reinterpretation of the original.

There is a really good variety on this EP and for me there are a couple of tracks that make it worth the price of  admission alone. A very solid start for the label. The EP is available from the Diffuse Reality Bandcamp page  and is out on 1st June 2015.

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