Resiliens Recordings Podcast

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Resiliens stems from a cultural project whose aim is to propose and encourage artistic expression that result from man’s need to give shape to their own inner life. The Latin term “Resiliens” (from “resilio” bounce) shows the very broad concept of resilience, now used in many contexts; resilience is the ability to absorb an external stimulus letting this impacts the resilient body without changing the foundational structure; therefore is the ability to resist in an elastic manner to an extraneous force.

More generally, the concept of resilience is represented by a person who, faced with a suggestion or an impulse, is enriched inwardly without allowing their identity affected. Resiliens accepts research and therefore the influence of modernism in his own artistic production, recognizing the tremendous potential that the means and provide contemporary suggestions, but does not give them the lead or fee during the creative process; creative process that also has its roots in the cultural, social and especially staff of artists; emphasizing and recognizing each of them the uniqueness and originality of its heritage.

Resiliens also enhances and promotes dialogue and cultural exchange between the various matrices creative, encouraging multiple fertilization of art. To this end, undertakes in creating opportunities, places and moments of collective production and holistic.


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