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Fast Forward Music

Fast Forward Music is an electronic music project started by Ata Tekin, Cem Ozdeliorman and Sinan Dzg in 2014.

Although the group initially started as a companionship between Ata Tekin and Cem Ozdeliorman, later it has grown to become a musical platform for DJ’s, producers and composers. The musical community first became active in Istanbul Turkey, the place where the founders had met in the first place.

Today the group consists of 4 core members; Ata Tekin, Cem Ozdeliorman, Efe Saru, Sinan Dzg. For the past couple of years, the group booked artists by working with local promoters and organizations in London, UK and also in Istanbul Turkey. The group offers a variety of different Djs and producers that are featured as guests from time to time on Fast Forwad Soundcloud. In addition to bookings and delivering Guest mixes, Fast Forward Music also does a bi-weekly radio show on Seance Radio that airs every Sunday at 1pm UTC +1.

Currently the group has started to expand with more DJS and producers to reflect different approaches in music that will all be released on, the future Fast Forward music record label